The World’s First Rotating Round Bed and Breakfast is at North Rustico, Prince Edward Island

Around The Sea by SandraNorth Rustico, P.E.I. – In North Rustico (population 600), which is on the tiny province’s north coast Green Gables Shore, you can spend the night in the world’s first rotating round bed and breakfast.

Opened by Steve and Stephanie Arnold in July 2013, it’s called Around the Sea. Think of it like two pies stacked, each covering 2500 sq ft. On the upper level the Arnolds have their private home, and ground level has been divided like pie slices into four first-floor rental/condo suites. The revolving mechanism is powered by two one-horsepower motors, enabling the whole house to rotate throughout the day so every room gets a view. It takes 45 minutes for the house to make a full rotation. Once it goes 360 degrees in one direction, then it reverses. It’s possible for the Arnold’s to control which direction the house faces at any time by using a special iPhone mobile phone application. They usually have it sit still overnight. The wiring and plumbing runs down a central core.

There are 8 to 10 other private rotating round homes in the world (one was built in BC in the late 1960’s) but this is the first that has opened as a bed and breakfast. Visitors can take tours at 11am Sundays and 4pm Wednesdays during peak season (double-check for changes on their website.) There’s a $5 charge to visitors that goes to charity. Guests can join the tour for free. B & B guests can take advantage private direct access to the North Rustico National Park beach, and it’s only about three minutes from the world-famous Green Gables site. The house is also the first location on the P.E.I. north shore to have a charging station for electric vehicles – which is free to use. Photo by Sandra Phinney


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130 Lantern Hill Dr North Rustico, Prince Edward Island


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