Canada's 150thCanada Cool is Celebrating Canada’s 150th by creating Canada’s Coolest Map!

Watch for at least 1,001 reasons why Canada is Cool for our 150th birthday, Canada Day 2017! Canada’s Coolest Map is being created by award-winning Canadian Travel Journalist Lucy Izon, author of the popular @CanadaCool Twitter page.

Have a suggestion? Send it along. You’ll find a link in the bar above the map.

Have a cool service for people exploring Canada? Help sponsor ‘Canada’s Coolest Map™’  and we’ll pin your business on the map with a yellow Maple Leaf and you can tell readers what’s cool about it.

Have a tourism information office? Help sponsor ‘Canada’s Coolest Map‘ and we’ll pin your office on with a green Maple Leaf and you can tell visitors what makes your region cool.

* Exploring the Map: Enter a province, territory, or city in the location box beneath the map. Then, click twice on the map to zoom into an area. Tap on each leaf to learn more.