Buddy - the sunglass-wearing Maple LeafHave a great idea for a Canada Cool hotspot? Please send a message or share your suggestions in the comments section on this page

I can’t reply to every post, but they will be read and all suggestions that help answer the question ‘What Makes Canada Cool?’ are very much appreciated.

We all know ‘Cool’ means different things to different people. For editorial for this map Canada Cool is pinning Buddy the Sunglass-Wearing Maple Leaf on:

  • Spots that Canadians and International visitors would find especially intriguing, quirky, unique and unusual
  • Sites related to famous Canadians that have made their mark on the world
  • Places that connect with Canadian ‘firsts’ or situations that we rank at the top of internationally
  • Places linked to stories of Canadian innovation
  • Locations that have Canadian stories that are very special, that warm your heart and make you smile

Thank you – Lucy Izon

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