At 1,896 km, Guinness recognized Yonge St as the Longest Street in the World

Yonge St Toronto © Lucy Izon

Toronto Yonge St Festival   © Lucy Izon

Toronto, Ontario – Yonge St earned this distinction because north of Toronto it morphed into Highway 11, continuing through towns, cottage country and wilderness for 1,896 kilometres (1,178 mi). Take a stroll down to Toronto’s waterfront, and just to the east of the Hilton Hotel, embedded in the sidewalk at the foot of the street, you’ll find brass plaques marking the distances to key cities in Ontario. Until 1998 Guinness recognized this as
the longest street in the world. Whether it still is, is up for debate, because of changes in the roads near Barrie.

You can see a bronze map of Yonge St’s route embedded in the sidewalk at the north end of the Eaton Centre, just across from Dundas Square.

From the plaques at the foot of Yonge St it’s just a two-minute walk to the ferry dock for the Toronto Islands.


Yonge Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada


9 thoughts on “At 1,896 km, Guinness recognized Yonge St as the Longest Street in the World

  1. Ask most Canadians which is the longest street in the world, and most will say Yonge St. Sadly, it’s not officially true. The Guinness Book of Records took away the coveted title in 1999. The dispute centres around whether Yonge St. and Highway 11, which ends in Rainy River on the Ontario-Minnesota border, are the same entity. Without the extra length, Yonge St. officially ends in Barrie (this information is also questionable! It is finish even before Barrie – at Holland Landing, north of Newmarket (town where is born Jim Carrey, take look at google maps.Barrie also has Yonge st. however it is not connected with the Yong which start from Toronto).

    Actually Length of Yonge st is: 86 km (53 mi)

  2. Yonge Street is NOT the longest street in the world, it does NOT connect with hwy 11 which starts in north Barrie off of hwy 400. Yong ends several km’s in south Barrie. It is NOT listed as the Guinness longest motorable rd, that woukd be the Pan-American Hwy.

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