Canada’s Royal Canadian Mint created the World’s First Million Dollar Coin

Million Dollar Coin - Royal Canadian Mint

Million Dollar Coin – Royal Canadian Mint

Ottawa, Ontario: The Royal Canadian Mint has something very cool stored in the basement of its Ottawa facility: the world’s first million dollar coin! Itʼs described to be about the size of an extra-large pizza. Produced In 2007 and weighing 100 kg, itʼs 99.999% pure gold and although the face value is $1,000,000 its actual sale value is considerably higher. Although its home is in the basement of the Royal Canadian Mint, it has gone on tour for special events such as the Olympics. When created, the intention was to mint just one, but interested investors came forward and four more were created. On June 12, 2010 MineWeb reported that one of the other coins will be sold by auction in Austria on June 25, 2010. It had been owned by an Austrian investment firm which is going through bankruptcy.
Where: The pubic can tour the Royal Canadian Mint facilities in Ottawa and Winnipeg. In Ottawa you will find it centrally located at 320 Sussex Dr. In the gift shop you have the opportunity to lift a gold bar worth about ½ million dollars.

While you’re there: Tucked between Parliament Hill and the elegant, historic Fairmont Chateau Laurier
hotel are the Ottawa Locks – the scenic entrance to the Rideau Canal, which stretches 202 km from Ottawa to Kingston. As it winds through the city, alongside is a beautiful recreational pathway for strolling, biking and running. You’ll find bike rentals near the Government Conference Centre.


Royal Canadian Mint, 320 Sussex Dr Ottawa, Ontario


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