Winnipeg Slurpee capital of the world – 14 years in a row!

SlurpeeWinnipeg, Manitoba – So far, I haven’t learned an explanation for why Winnipeggers are the world-leaders for this, but in 2013 the city was crowned Slurpee capital of the world for 14th year in a row!  The frozen carbonated drink, which is only available through 7-Eleven’s, was introduced to Canada in 1969. According to a Global TV report, an average of 8,300 Slurpee’s are sold each month at each 7-Eleven in Manitoba. And, perhaps the enthusiastic consumption of this beverage, which is served at -2.2 degrees Celsius, lead to a little brain-freeze for some (a term Slurpee claims to have coined!) In mid-March, 2014 CTV News reported a Winnipeg 7-Eleven  at St. Mary’s Road and Osborne Street, offered free Slurpee’s to customers wearing swim suits – the temperature was minus 32 degrees with the wind chill. There was at least one taker on the video report.

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7-Eleven, 234 St Mary’s Rd Winnipeg, Manitoba


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