The Trans-Canada Highway near Banff, Alberta has million-dollar wildlife overpasses

Banff Wildlife Overpass

© Lucy Izon

Banff, Alberta – This Parks Canada shot of an elusive lynx was taken in March 2012, by a motion-sensitive camera at one of two wildlife overpasses in Banff National Park. The overpass enables wildlife to safely cross above the Trans-Canada Highway.

Head west on the Trans-Canada Highway from the town of Banff and before you reach Lake Louise you’ll drive under two unusual tree-covered overpasses. They are 50 metres wide, cost over a million dollars each, and are here solely for use by the park’s wildlife. Here’s a great series of Banff wildlife overpass shots, which were published on in December 2011. Overpasses, a 2.4-metre tall highway fence and 22 underpasses have reduced wildlife road kill and collisions by more than 80 per cent. The overpasses are designed so animals cannot see the highway when crossing. Elk, moose, wolves, deer and grizzly bear tend to use the overpasses. Cougars and black bears like the underground

Parks Canada Lynx

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passages. Overpass . Lynx Photo Credit: Banff National Park, which covers 6,661 square kilometers of mountains, glaciers, meadows, rivers and hot springs, receives 4.7 million visitors per year. When established in 1885, it was the world’s third National Park. It is one hour west of Calgary.


Improvement District No. 9, AB, Canada


One thought on “The Trans-Canada Highway near Banff, Alberta has million-dollar wildlife overpasses

  1. What a great idea! We think of ourselves — people — but the safety of wildlife seldom crosses our minds until… Alas! We hit one or see someone else hit one! This idea, also, means safety for ourselves — people — and our wildlife!

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