The West Edmonton Mall has the World’s Largest Indoor Lake, World’s Largest Indoor Amusement Park, and much more

West Edmonton Mall – Photo: Public Domain via

Edmonton, Alberta – How many shopping malls offer surfing lessons?  This is just one of many unique features at what the Guinness Book of Records originally recognized as ‘the world’s largest shopping center’. Today Wikipedia still ranks the West Edmonton Mall  as  the largest shopping mall in North America – it covers a space equal to 48 city blocks! The complex has 800 stores, and has promoted itself as ‘The Greatest Indoor Show on Earth’. There’s the waterpark – that’s five acres of water and the world’s largest indoor wave pool (waves can be generated that are up to two metres high), the NHL-size ice arena, 18-hole mini-golf, theatres, a full-size exact replica of Columbus’ ship the ‘Santa Maria’, and an hotel with 120 fantasy-themed rooms. It doesn’t stop there. The mall also features the’ World’s Largest’ indoor amusement park, and largest indoor triple loop roller-coaster. The mall has even been accredited as a zoo. Oh, yeah, and there’s the world’s largest parking lot to get lost in. More than 30 million visit every year.


West Edmonton Mall, 8882 170 St NW Edmonton, Alberta


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