Toronto’s Casa Loma is the only real full-size castle in a North American city

Casa Loma

Photo courtesy Casa Loma

Toronto, Ontario – No other North American city has a real
full-size castle. When Casa Loma was constructed it was North America’s largest private residence. The 98-room, medieval-style Casa Loma, complete with turrets, secret passages, and awardwinning gardens, was built by Sir Henry Mill Pellatt between 1911 and 1915. It took 300 men and about $3,500,000 to complete. Tragically, Pellatt was only able to enjoy it for 10 years before losing it because of financial misfortune.

Our favorite facts: it had so many telephones (59) that the castle’s switchboard operator handled more calls than the operator for the entire City of Toronto; and, along with horses stalls in the stables made of mahogany, when Sir Henry’s favorite horse lost his teeth, he was fitted with a false set.

Casa Loma is located at One Austin Terrace near the corner of Davenport Rd. and Spadina Ave. By TTC, go to Dupont Station and walk two blocks north on Spadina, then up the hill on the west side of the Castle, or climb the Baldwin steps. Alternatively, go to St. Clair west subway station and take the street car or walk east to Spadina (5 min), then south to the castle (10 min). Quick Tip: If you don’t like a steep uphill walk, go for the St. Clair option.


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One thought on “Toronto’s Casa Loma is the only real full-size castle in a North American city

  1. well … Chapultepec Castle in Mexico City (which is a North American City) was build in 1785 at the top of a hill, was a fort during Mexican-American War and it was also the residence of Maximilian, Emperor of Mexico.

    So Casa Loma is a pretty house who looks like a castle but it’s not

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