Justin Bieber’s Stratford Ontario – there’s a map for Beliebers to his favorite spots

Map of Justin Bieber's Stratford - Tourism Stratford

Map of Justin Bieber’s Stratford – Stratford Tourism

Stratford, Ontario – Many people have heard the story and seen the video of as Justin young kid busking on the steps of the Avon Theatre (he’d earn $150 to $200 a day and made enough to take his mother to Disneyworld!) For the Beliebers who want to know more, Stratford Tourism has created and online map to his favorite places around town, and he still does come back to visit. Fans can find about 20 spots, from his favorite skate, music and ice cream shops, to the restaurant where took his first date, and spilled spaghetti on her. You can find the map online here.

I happened to be at Fairmont Royal York Hotel in 2011 for a Juno press event when I learned that a 16-year-old Justin was giving a press conference in the next room. So I sat in, and here’s a glimpse of the event and him answering questions from the Canadian media and some of his fans, about growing up in Stratford Ontario, his lifestyle, etc.


Avon Theatre, Stratford, Ontario


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