This is great: there’s a community in Ontario called Snowball!

Snowball Ontario

Snowball Ontario

The story of how this hamlet of 190 people got its name dates back to 1850 when, according to Wikipedia, a log church was being built and the people building it packed the joints with so much snow they couldn’t finish the construction until it melted in the spring. The church burnt down 20 years later when a stove overheated. A record of this history was made by the Snowball Women’s Institute in 1926 and kept at the local library. Today the community is known for horseback riding schools and the Snowball Garden Centre. It also has a rock shop in the original mid-1800’s school house, and furniture store.

The quiet community of Snowball is a hamlet in King Township, west of Aurora, at the crossroads of Dufferin St and Wellington St West (17th sideroad).

In 2005 the community gained a golf course and new residential zone. King township is a good place to drive to see the fall colours.

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Snowball, King York Regional Municipality, Ontario


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