Canadian Snow-Limo invention enables non-skiers to glide down snowy slopes of Sun Peaks, Grouse Mountain and Big White

Photo courtesy Snow Limo

Photo courtesy Snow Limo

Sun Peaks, British Columbia – Even non-skiers can swoosh down spectacular mountains thanks to an invention of veteran Whistler ski professional Paul Auger. Paul and his brother Guy were thinking of how to get their 83-year-old mother up on the slopes to see her grandchildren ski. With the help of Guy and their father Bill, Paul came up with a chauffeur-driven vehicle that looks rather like a dog sled with skis.

They didnʼt stop there; they decided to create a version for any non-skier. After four years of experimentation they succeeded in developing a commercial version – the ‘Sno-Limo.’

Now you donʼt have to be a skier to join your family or friends on the mountain. Passengers ride up the lifts in the Snow-Limo, then itʼs tethered to the chauffeur who guides the vehicle for a leisurely and comfortable ride, while pointing out interesting geological features, and intriguing facts about the history of the area. The vehicle leans into a turn as a skier does. The passenger is secured with an easy to release safety belt.

Thereʼs an emergency brake that doubles as a parking break, and the chauffeur carries a cell phone for emergencies. So, now if youʼve never learned how to ski, or youʼre not physically able, you have this option. Tours range from one hour to a full day. Snow Limo Tours  operates at Big White, Sun Peaks and Grouse Mountain B.C.



Sun Peaks, Thompson-Nicola, British Columbia


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