Sir Sandford Fleming, creator of the world’s system of 24 one-hour time zones, donated his Halifax, Nova Scotia summer home for a park here

Sir Sandford FlemingHalifax, Nova Scotia – It’s Sir Sandford Fleming that we have to thank for our global system based on 24 one-hour time zones. He was born in Scotland in 1827 and emigrated to Quebec at the age of 17, where he became chief surveyor for the Canadian Pacific Railway. His idea for 24-one-hour time zones was accepted at the International Prime Meridian Conference in 1884, with the zero degree longitude set at Greenwich, England. This is the global standard we use today, although some countries have chosen to alter the boundaries (China uses just one zone.) Fleming, who lived and later died in Halifax, donated the 95 acres of the land he had for his summer retreat at Dingle to the people of the city for a park. Sir Sandford Fleming Park has a saltwater beach that’s used for swimming, hillside trails you can stroll, and the 10-storey Dingle Tower, which you can climb for spectacular views of the surrounding area. (Historica video) Where: The 95-acre park is in the subdivision of Jollinmore. It fronts part of Halifax Harbour offering views of the Northwest Arm and city.

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Sir Sandford Fleming Park, 260 Dingle Rd Jollimore