There are Sands that ‘Sing’ on Prince Edward Island – Basin Head (Singing Sands) Beach

Singing Sands Beach P.E.i.

Basin Head (Singing Sands) Beach Photo by John Sylvester

Souris, P.E.I. – At the eastern tip of P.E.I., just northeast of Souris, there’s a spectacular golden sand beach that sings when you walk on it. Actually, the sound is a little more like a squeak, but it’s distinctive and mysterious. It’s a phenomena that scientists still don’t completely understand. ‘Singing Sands’ have been reported on beaches in the North of Wales, on the little island of Eigg in the Scottish Hebrides and at a number of beaches along the Atlantic Coast. Studies have found that squeaking or whistling sand is found where quartz sand is very well rounded and highly spherical. P.E.I.’s Singing Sands are at Basin Head Beach (it’s often referred to as Singing Sands Beach). Many consider this to be the best beach on the island. From the nearby town of Souris it’s only five hours by ferry (daily) to the Magdalene Islands.

Where: P.E.I. is joined to New Brunswick by the 12.9 km Confederation Bridge. The landscape of Canada’s smallest province is rolling rural, with the whole island just 225 km wide. Historic Charlottetown is the birthplace of Canada’s Confederation, and a great place to celebrate Canada Day. Island explorers can find great golf opportunities, beautiful beaches, the world’s only potato museum, Anne of Green Gables sites, lobster dinners, and a 70-mile-long September yard sale.

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Basin Head Provincial Park, Souris PE CA


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