Eastend is where ‘Scotty’ was discovered – one of the world’s best Tyrannosaurus Rex skeletons

DinosaurEastend, Saskatchewan – Eastend is where ‘Scotty’ was discovered – one of the most complete Tyrannosaurus rex skeletons, of only 12 such discoveries in the world. The first bones were discovered by an Eastend school teacher who was on a prospecting trip with the Royal Saskatchewan Museum.

The skeleton was unearthed in 1994/95. Scotty is about 65 million years old. At Eastend’s T.rex Discovery Centre visitors can explore exhibits, view paleontology work in progress, and search
for fossils themselves on day-long digs lead by experienced fossil hunters.

Eastend (pop 650) boasts that it’s located in the middle of nowhere and miles from the nearest
city – you can find it southwest Saskatchewan about an hour east of Cypress Hills Inter-provincial Park. Every July the town hosts ‘Dino Days’, with rodeos, a parade and ball tournaments.


T.rex Discovery Centre, Eastend Saskachewan


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