Mike Myers, who is from Scarborough in the east end of Toronto, even has a street named after him now.

Mike Myers

Mike Myers – His Wayne’s World character was inspired by growing up in Scarborough

Toronto, Ontario – Mike Myers is cool. Not just for creating wonderful characters like Wayne from Wayne’s World, Austin Powers – International Man of Mystery, and the voice of Shrek, but for being there when the chips are down. When Toronto was hit with the SARS crisis and morale was in a downward spiral, Myers headed for the Tonight Show in his Maple Leaf sweater and gave the city a boost.

Myers appeared in a commercial with Gilda Radner at the age of 9 (she played his mother), then after graduating high school (Sir John A. Macdonald Collegiate Institute, and then Stephen Leacock Collegiate Institute in Scarborough) he polished his skills, like so many other top Canadian comedians, at Second City in Toronto. At that time it was in the Firehall Theatre on Lombard St.

From Toronto’s Second City he went to the UK then eventually on to the Chicago troupe. That’s where he met is wife at a hockey game – striking up a conversation after catching a puck! Then it was on to  Saturday Night Live in New York, which was created and produced by Canadian Lorne Michaels. He was recommended to Michaels by Martin Short. Myers was a popular cast member of SNL from 1989 to 1995. Wayne’s World went from an SNL sketch to a full length movie, which he stared in with Dana Carvey. His Wayne’s World character was inspired by growing up in Scarborough. In 2002 a street near the Scarborough neighbourhood where he grew up was named for him.

Other famous Canadians that hail from Scarborough include the Barenaked Ladies, John Candy and Eric McCormack. Jim Carrey is from Newmarket, but lived in Scarborough as a teenager.


Mike Myers Dr, Dorset Park, Scarborough, Ontario (east of Toronto)


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