The hit TV series Corner Gas (seen in 26 countries!) was created in Saskatchewan

Corner Gas

Corner Gas

Rouleau, Saskatchewan – So, where’s the fictional town Dog River? When CTV’s hit sitcom Emmy-nominated Corner Gas filmed on location, the town they used was Rouleau (population about 500) about a half-hour southwest of Regina. The TV crew even built a fake gas station and coffee shop for the series. Studio segments were shot at the Regina Sound Stage.

Although Dog River is a fictional name, series creator Brent Butt is from Tisdale, Saskatchewan, which is on the Doghide River.  Corner Gas is considered by many as the most successful Canadian comedy series ever made – it has been broadcast in 26 countries. View very first clip from first episode: How flat is Saskatchewan?

Curious fact: The surnames of almost all of the Dog River residents were names of small towns in Saskatchewan.

The Premier of Saskatchewan declared April 13, 2009 Corner Gas Day in Saskatchewan. It was the day of the CTV broadcasting of the final episode of the hit television series Corner Gas. You can follow Brent Butt on Twitter @BrentButt


Rouleau, Saskatchewan


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