Alberta is home to the most extensive collection of Rock Art on the North American Plain

Writing On Stone

Photo Courtesy Travel Alberta

Milk River, Alberta – About 350 km from Calgary near the Milk River/USA boundary in Southern Alberta is the largest collection of native petroglyphs and pictographs that have been found in North America. The ancient rock paintings and rock carvings, which depict men, horses, shields, animals, and include a single battle scene with more than 250 characters, are on the sheer sandstone cliffs of the Milk River Canyon, about 30 km (19 miles) east and 6.6 km (4 miles) south of the town of Milk River. Writing-On-Stone Provincial Park preserves and protects them. It’s one of the largest areas of protected prairie in the Alberta’s parks network. There are interpretive programs from mid-May to early September, with guided walks to view rock art at 2 pm daily. You’ll also find a reconstructed North-West Mounted Police Post. Campsites are available on a ‘first-come’ basis. Where:  In Southern Alberta about 350 km from Calgary near the Milk River/USA boundary.

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Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park, Aden Alberta Canada


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