The existence of Black Holes was proven from the David Dunlap Observatory, just north of Toronto

David Dunlap Observatory

Image courtesy of David Dunlap Observatory

Toronto / Richmond Hill, Ontario – In 1972, 28-year-old Dr. Tom
Bolton, a Toronto astronomer, proved the existence of black holes while
working at the David Dunlap Observatory, 25 km north of downtown

Black holes are regions of space where the pull of gravity is so
great that nothing, not even light, can escape. So, how did he discover
something that’s invisible? He spent many nights recording the unusual
movements of a star that seemed to being pulled by something invisible.

The observatory opened on farmland in 1935. It was a gift to the
University of Toronto by Jessie Donald Dunlap, as a memorial to her
husband David Alexander Dunlap, a wealthy lawyer and mining
entrepreneur. City light pollution has now crept up to the region and the University of Toronto sold the land surrounding the Richmond Hill facility.

You can visit the 23-ton Great Telescope. At one time this was the second largest telescope in the world, and it is still the largest in Canada. Thanks to a loyal group of volunteers of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada the David Dunlap Observatory still offers a range of public view nights, special events and educational programs. Check what’s happening here.



The David Dunlap Observatory, 123 Hillsview Dr Richmond Hill, (north of Toronto) Ontario


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