Canadian crucial in determining remains of Richard III found

Richard IIILeicester, UK – A Canadian was crucial in determining that the remains of Richard III were found under a parking lot in Leicester, central England. During an August 2012 archaeological dig by the University of Liecester a skeleton with battle wounds and a crooked spine was discovered. Archaeologists  suspected was the remains of Richard III. Richard had been killed in the Battle of Bosworth Field in 1485. The skeleton, which was discovered in the site thought to be Greyfriars monastery, showed evidence of 10 wounds, including eight to the head and two to the body.

To determine if it was Richard III, scientists used the DNA of two descendents, a woman who preferred to remain

Richard III - University of Leicester

Richard III – University of Leicester

anonymous, and Michael Isben, and 56-year-old cabinet-maker, who was born in London, Ontario. Isben would be the 17th great-grand nephew of the king. The definitive DNA analysis was conducted by Turi King, a Canadian scientist originally from Vancouver, who is a genetic researcher at the University of Leicester.

It is a controversial issue, but Richard III’s remains may be re-interred in Leicester Cathedral, which is close to the site where the bones were found. Plans have also been announced for a tourism centre to be established in Leicester, which would focus on the life of Richard III and this spectacular discovery.



Leicester Cathedral, St Martins House 7 Peacock Ln, United Kingdom (England)


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