Visitors can rappel at Cape Enrage, New Brunswick on the Bay of Fundy to beach where fossils 320 million years old have been found

Cape Enrage

© Lucy Izon

Cape Enrage, Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick –  How many places in the world can you rappel down a 43 m (140 ft) cliff down to a rocky beach where fossils 320 million years old have been found?  At Cape Enrage you don’t even need experience.

Located just over an hour south of Moncton, this rocky headland marked by a lighthouse, reaches out into Bay of Fundy. The view is spectacular. Look down from the lighthouse and as the tide rise you can see the currents of the water churn, which earned it the ‘Enrage’ name.

The funnel shape of the Bay causes the highest tides in the world (up to 16.3m (53 vertical feet) twice each day), and the massive movement of the water scrapes the rocky shore uncovering and depositing fantastic fossils. You can’t take them with you, but finds are left out to photograph.

On this side of the Bay of Fundy most fossils are of plant life. On the Nova Scotia side you see fossils of reptiles. At one time this eastern part of New Brunswick was actually near the equator.

Fundy Fossils Cape Enrage

© Lucy Izon

If you want to experience rappelling there are guides and equipment to work with you. It’s also possible to take steps down to the beach (tide dependent.) Another option is a zip-line that runs above the towering cliffs, offering again, what has been called one of Canada’s

best views. You can also visit the lighthouse and enjoy a meal in the restaurant.

Not only does the Bay of Fundy have the highest tides in the world, its the mating ground of the rare right whale – there are fewer than 350 left in the world today.

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