Pembroke – Canada’s largest outdoor art gallery with 32 large scale murals!

Pembroke Murals

Pembroke Murals photo courtesy of

Pembroke, Ontario – This is Canada’s largest outdoor art gallery. There are 32 large scale murals are painted on the walls of downtown buildings that depict the rich history of Pembroke and the Ottawa Valley.

Pembroke was the first city in Canada to have electric street lights which were turned on in the downtown in 1884. It is also the home of Canadaʼs largest Old time Step Dancing and Fiddling Competition, held annually, every Labour Day weekend. For the week leading up to the competition, the city turns Riverside Park over to the organizers, and it becomes Fiddle Park home to over 1800 RVʼs and 1000ʼs of fiddlers and dancers during Fiddle Week.


Pembroke, Renfrew County, Ontario


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