The Confederation Trail made Prince Eward Island The 1st Province To Complete It’s Section Of What Will Be – World’s Longest Recreational Trail

CyclistPrince Edward Island – Hike it, bike it, paddle it, snowmobile it, get a horse and ride it – Canada is creating the longest recreational trail in the world. When complete the Trans Canada Trail should stretch 18,078 km. Prince Edward Island was the first province in Canada to complete its section, which is called the Confederation Trail. After the railway was abandoned in 1989 the province-wide trail was developed following the flat terrain of the rail route. The trail stretches the island from tip to tip for 273 km, and has four branches which reach Charlottetown, the Confederation Bridge, Souris, Georgetown and Monetague. This section of the Trans Canada Trail is open to walkers, cyclists, hikers, runners and people in wheelchairs. In the winter it’s used by snowmobilers. The goal is to complete the route by Canada Day 2017, at which point the Trans Canada Trail  should link over 800 communities nationwide.


Confederation Trail, Confederation Trail Alma Lot 3


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