In Parrsboro Nova Scotia a fossil hunter found the smallest dinosaur footprints in the world

Dinosaur FossilsParrsboro, Nova Scotia – On March 31st, 1984 at Wasson’s Bluff, 6 km (4 miles) from Parrsboro, local fossil collector Eldon George discovered the world’s smallest dinosaur footprints. They were made by a creature no bigger than a robin. It took until January 1986 for the scientific community to verify his discovery, then it drew worldwide attention. Eldon, who says he agrees that this adds credence to the theory that birds evolved from dinosaurs, began fossil collecting in 1948. He now displays these footprints in his store. It’s the Parrsboro Rock and Mineral Shop And Museum at 349 Whitehall Rd. Parrsboro is the largest seaport on the Minas Basin, which is where the Fundy tides reach their greatest heights. Every year the massive movement of water caused by the world’s highest tides exposes new fossils, gemstones, etc. You can learn more at the Fundy Geological Museum. From Parrsboro it’s only 45 km (28 miles) to Joggins, another exciting site. Here the Fundy tides have revealed some of the oldest fossils in the world.

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Parrsboro Rock & Mineral Shop & Museum, 349 Whitehall Rd Parrsboro


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