Pablum – the first food of millions around the world was invented at Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children

Sick Kids Hospital - Pablum

Sick Kids Hospital Sculpture Photo © Lucy Izon

Toronto, Ontario – On the east side of University Avenue just south of the Province’s Parliament buildings is the world-renowned Hospital for Sick Children. It was here in 1930 that three Canadian doctors created Pablum, the pre-cooked, vitamin-enriched, easily digestible cereal that has fed millions of babies around the world. It was the world’s first commercial food created specifically for infants. Frederick Tisdall, Theodore Drake and Alan Brown were the doctors who invented it, however the royalties for the product went to the hospital, where they funded pediatric research for 25 years. It is still sold today. From the hospital it’s just a short walk north to Ontario’s Parliament Buildings. where public tours are available.


The Hospital for Sick Children, 555 University Ave, Toronto, Ontario


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