One King West – When it was built it was the World’s Narrowest Condominium Tower (it also has hotel rooms)

One King West

One King West @ Lucy Izon

Toronto, Ontario – This hotel/condominium tower rises from an Ontario Heritage Building, which originally served as the Toronto Dominion Bank in the late 1800’s. While most towers go up 4 or 6 feet for every foot of width at the base, this 51-storey tower shots up 11 feet for every foot of width at its base. In addition to being the world’s narrowest condominium towe when it was built, it was the tallest residental tower in Canada. And, another really cool feature is that it still has its original room-size bank vault, which can be seen at the bottom of a flight of steps in the centre of the Lobby. When the vault was originally hauled by 25 horses along Yonge St to the bank, the street was so chewed up it had to be repaved. The vault is actually large enough that it’s used today for small events and dinner parties. In all there are 572 rooms, 300 of which are in the hotel pool and available to visitors.

Bank Vault One King West

Bank Vault photo courtesy One King West

Located in the heart of downtown Toronto at the financial district, at One King West.The hotel sits at the corner of King & Yonge St – which, at 1896 km, Guinness has recognized as the longest street in the world. It’s within easy walking distance of excellent shopping at the Toronto Eaton Centre, entertainment venues and fine dining.

During the spring of 2011 the hotel went through a $2-million revitalization. This has included upgrades to the Lobby, historic Grand Hall, and venue spaces, such as the hotel’s Vault. The historic elegance of the meeting spaces, from paneled walls to crystal chandeliers, has been retained. One million dollars has been dedicated to improving energy efficency within the building. For example in the King Gallery new LED lighting provides five times more light and one-tenth of the power.


One King West Hotel & Residence, 1 King St W Toronto, Ontario


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