Newfoundland’s 150,000 moose descended from just four imported to the island a century ago

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Newfoundland and Labrador – Newfoundland has about 150,000 moose, but what’s really cool is that they are all descendants of a mere four moose that were introduced from New Brunswick in 1904. This is an amazing example of how a species of animal can be introduced to a new area and thrive. Awkward looking, this largest member of the deer family can be 2 metres (61/2-7 1/2 ft) at the shoulders, with long legs supporting its big barrel-shaped body. Males can carry about 20 kilograms of antlers.

They are wonderful to watch, but can be a major hazard for highway drivers. Be especially careful when driving at dusk and dawn. The average weight for an adult male is 385 to 534 kilograms (850 to 1180 lbs). In a car collision, the moose usually comes out on top. There is now even an app for moose sightings.

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The fact that wildlife can be introduced and thrive is quite cool, however there are safety issues with the moose population in Newfoundland. Any tips for playing it safe when driving in Newfoundland?  Please share…


Bonne Bay Road, Birchy Head, Newfoundland and Labrador Canada


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