We’ve got Napoleon’s dirty socks – no kidding! They haven’t even been washed

Napoleon's Socks - Bata Shoe Museum

Napoleon’s socks courtesy Bata Shoe Museum

Toronto, Ontario – Bata, the world’s largest footwear manufacturer, was established in Toronto by Thomas Bata, after he immigrated from Czechoslovakia in 1939. It’s now in 68 countries. At Toronto’s Bata Shoe Museum you can
follow the footsteps of history, from the sandals of ancient Egyptians and incredibly tiny shoes from China, to the mukluks from today’s Arctic. The museum was created by Sonja Bata, who started to collect shoes and their stories
in the 1940’s, during business trips around the world. More than 10,000 pairs are now housed in four galleries and archives at 327 Bloor St. West. The design of the
five-story museum was inspired by an open shoebox. Shoes of the famous, in a continuously changing exhibit, include Marilyn Monroe’s red pumps, a purple
‘Beatle boot’ worn by John Lennon, Elvis Presley’s blue and white leather shoes, zebra-striped ankle books owned by Picasso, Elton John’s platform boots, and Napoleon’s dirty socks. The museum is located at 327 Bloor St. West, that’s close to the St. George subway station, and just a 10-to-15-minute walk from the Royal Ontario Museum and the Gardiner Museum, which features ceramic art. Quick Tip: The Bata Shoe Museum is free from 5 pm till 8 pm on Thursday nights (confirm this at their website).


The Bata Shoe Museum, 327 Bloor St W Toronto


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