Canada’s Snowbirds were the first aerobatic team in the world to choreograph its show to music

Snowbirds courtesy Saskatchewan Tourism

Snowbirds photo courtesy Saskatchewan Tourism

Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan – The Snowbirds is Canada’s military aerobatics demonstration team made up of about 80 Canadian Forces personnel. It was formed in 1971, with its home base at Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.

For two weeks each year, in April, the squadron travels to Comox British Columbia to practice over a different type of terrain. Between May and October about 24 members perform at about 60 air shows, at 40 locations across North America (schedule)

  • During a performance, the Snowbirds will fly at speeds ranging from 100 knots (115 mph or 185 km/h) to 320 knots (370 mph or 590 km/h)
  • The distance between each Snowbird jet in many of the formations is about 1.2 metres (4 feet)
  • When the two solo aircraft perform their head-on passes the solos aim to be approximately 10 metres apart when they cross, with a speed of close to 600 km/hr for each jet!

Canada’s Snowbirds were the first aerobatic team in the world to use music in their show. Their name, which was adopted in 1971, came from a contest at the elementary school at CFB Moose Jaw. It said it was a coincidence that Anne Murray’s hit ‘Snowbird’ was popular at that time.


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