During WWI young men of Moose Factory walked almost 300 km to Cochrane to enlist – there were no roads or rail service

Moose Factory

St. Thomas Anglican Church in Moose Factory                                              by Hjvannes / WikiMediaCommons

Moose Factory, Ontario –  Visit St. Thomas Anglican Church and you’ll see a memorial for WWI veterans. Much deserved, they endured a huge challenge just to enlist for WWI. At that time there was not rail service south to Cochrane, and as is true today, no road. So, the young men who enlisted had to walk, following the path of the Moose River, almost 300 km, just to enlist. Many were not even legal age to serve in the armed forces at that time.

Moose Factory is north of Cochrane, and just across the Moose River from Moossene. Cochrane is about a 7 hour drive north of Toronto. You can’t drive to Moossene or Moose factory from Cochrane, the community is not serviced by road, it’s 250 km from the nearest major highway. From Cochrane you can take the Polar Bear Express, a summer service that takes you 186 miles north to Moosonee, on James Bay, the edge of the Arctic. You can make that a day trip or join a two or three night package tour.


Moose Factory, Cochrane / Moosenee region, Ontario


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