There is a town in Ontario called Moonbeam, just watch for the flying saucer

Moonbeam Ontario / Public domain photo

Moonbeam Ontario / Public domain photo

Moonbeam, Ontario – Believe it or not there is a community in Ontario called Moonbeam. Explanations for origin of the name are offered on the community’s website:

“The small town got its name from old-time resident pioneers who often saw flashing lights which they called “moonbeams” falling from the sky near creeks and lakes… Northern lights also often accompanied these moon rays… After traveling many miles through the dark forest by train, early travelers were struck by the brilliance of the moon on the snow from the natural clearing as they approached Moonbeam.”

Local resident Coral Ethier wrote in Our Canada Magazine that along with reports of residents spotting disk-shaped flying objects in the 1960’s (that had residents wearing welder’s goggles so they could see them better) there have also been mysterious ‘O Rings’ similar to crop circles sited in the region.

To find the mostly French-speaking community of Moonbeam you just watch for the iconic roadside ‘Flying Saucer’. The town is located on Highway 11 near the Town of Kapuskasing, which just happens to be where director James Cameron was born (a curious coincidence.) Moombeam is also known for Remi Lake,  René Brunelle Provincial Park, and its 7 trails / 34 km of Nature Trails.

The town has both ‘borrow a bike’ and ‘borrow snowshoes’ programs.

Are you from Moonbeam? Please share your stories…


Moonbeam, Ontario (Cochrane District)


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