Montreal hosts the World’s Biggest Bike Festival, now called the Go Bike Montréal Festival

Montreal Bike Fest

Photo courtesy Montreal Bike Fest

Montreal, Quebec – Montreal hosts the World’s Biggest Bike Festival each year at the beginning of the summer. Recently it was renamed: Go Bike Montréal Festival About 45,000 cyclists participate.

The family-friendly Montreal bike festival has included Operation ‘Bike-to-Work’ and major events including: The Metropolitan Challenge, a single-day event that has cyclists explore an area of greater Montreal; the Un Tour la Nuit, which is a 20-km tour of the city on a Friday night; and Tour de Lîle de Montréal, for which city streets are shut down on a Sunday for a single-day tour that draws about 35,000 cyclists. Find out more about this year’s event!


La Fontaine Park, 3933 Avenue du Parc la Fontaine Montreal, Quebec


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