On a major migration route – 10,000 monarch butterflies have landed on Point Pelee in a single day

Point Pelee Butterflies  © Lucy Izon

Point Pelee Butterflies © Lucy Izon

Point Pelee, Ontario – Point Pelee is one of Canada’s smallest national parks, but it attracts more than 400,000 visitors each year, primarily because it’s a world-famous location for viewing birds and monarch butterfly migrations. The finger-shaped peninsula of land reaches out into Lake Erie, becoming the southern most point on the Canadian mainland. It’s actually on the same latitude as northern California. Point Pelee is known for attracting over 380 species of birds including many songbirds. The real show is when monarchs gather here between August and October, because it’s the shortest crossing point over Lake Erie during their 3000 km journey to their winter home in the mountains of central Mexico. Arrive on the right day and you may see them by the thousands. There’s even a butterfly hotline you can call to see if it’s a good time for viewing them: (519) 322-2371, or watch updates on Twitter: @pointpeleenp

Point Pelee is located about 50 km (30 miles) south-east of Windsor, Ontario. Quick Tips: It’s just a two-hour ferry trip from nearby Leamington or Kingsville to Pelee Island, which sits in the centre of Lake Erie, and is Canada’s most southern point. The island a popular summer destination for bird watching, fishing, cycling, winery tours (May to October) and golf. There are cottages, camping, bed & breakfasts, and it has live theatre.

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Point Pelee National Park, 1118 Point Pelee Dr Leamington, Ontario


2 thoughts on “On a major migration route – 10,000 monarch butterflies have landed on Point Pelee in a single day

  1. Good morning.. My wife and I would like to visit PPelee for the monarch butterfly count. When would be a good time to come… Paul

    1. Good morning,
      Our photo club would like to visit Point Pelee to see the major migration route of monarch butterflies.
      When would be the best month, week to plan a trip …

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