At Manitoba’s Narcisse Snake Dens you can see the Largest Concentration of Garter Snakes in the World

Courtesy Tourism Manitoba

Courtesy Tourism Manitoba

Narcisse, Manitoba At the Narcisse Snake Dens, about 130 km north of Winnipeg, it’s possible to see more snakes at a glance than anywhere else in the world. Just after the snow melts in late April and early May, tens of thousands of red-sided garter snakes slip out of their limestone dens and hang out on the surface of the ground performing their mating rituals in great tangled heaps. They slide off into the local marshes for the summer, then return to their dens in early fall. This Wildlife Management Area, which is outfitted with viewing platforms, is located 6 km / 4 mi north of Narcisse. Warm sunny days are the best for spotting them. Photo courtesy of Travel Manitoba. The dens are 6 km north of Narcisse, which is 130 km from Winnipeg. There’s a 3 km self-guiding interpretive trail. This website provides updates. The snakes return to their winter denning area in late-August and early September. In 2000 small tunnels were added under Hwy 17 so the snakes migrate safely to this area. It has reduced mortality by almost 75%.

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Manitoba 17, Chatfield, Manitoba, Canada


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