Lufthansa christened an Airbus in gratitude for help by Canadians during the days following 9/11

Gander community of 9,000 in days after 9/11

6,700 air travellers were taken in by the Gander community of 9,000 in days after 9/11

Gander, Newfoundland –  The first Lufthansa aircraft named after a non-German city is the Airbus A340-300 christened “Gander – Halifax”. The name was given in gratitude and recognition of the Canadian people for their generosity during 9/11. The community of Gander, which is only about 9,000 people, took 6,700 air travellers into their homes for up to six days following the 9/11 attacks.

Lufthansa is saving tonnes of CO2 by using Canadian made trolleys
Lufthansa Trolley made in Canada

Lufthansa Trolley made in Canada

The airline is introducing 30,000 light-weight Canadian-made trolleys on its aircraft. Manufactured by Norduyn, which is based in Montreal, the trolleys are about 1/3 lighter than predecessors. It means a saving of 9,000 tonnes of kerosene and 28,350 tonnes of CO2 annually. The Quantum Trolley, developed by LSG Sky Chefs, is made of light-weight composites, and the only aircraft cabin service trolley of its kind on the market. The trolleys will be fully introduced by mid-2014.


Gander International Airport, 1000 James Boulevard, Gander, Newfoundland and Labrador


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