It’s almost impossible to sink in Saskatchewan’s Little Manitou Lake

Lucy Izon in Little Manitou Lake

Lucy Izon floats in Little Manitou Lake

Little Manitou Lake, Saskatchewan – What’s so cool about Little Manitou Lake near Watrous is that it’s so salty you can’t sink. Little Manitou Lake is 14 miles long and about a mile wide, and is located 116 km southeast of Saskatoon. With a mineral density greater than the Dead Sea of the Middle East, it’s so buoyant, you can float on your back and read a book without it getting wet. Long considered to have healing properties bynative North Americans, the lake was named “Manitou” (which means God to them) by medicine men because they believed that it came from the Great Spirit. In the 1920’s and 30’s this was the most popular summer resort on the prairies.

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Little Manitou Lake, Little Manitou Lake Division No. 11 SK


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