Leslie McFarlane, author of many ‘Hardy Boys’ novels was raised here in Haileybury / Temiskaming Shores

Hardy Boys book ghost-written by Leslie Mcfarlane

Hardy Boys book ghost-written by Leslie Mcfarlane

Haileybury, Ontario – Now named Temiskaming Shores. Leslie McFarlane was raised here. He went on to ghost write many of the early books in the very popular Hardy Boy novels (he wrote 19 of the first 25 books in the series.) Although the cover of this book says the author is Franklin W. Dixon, this is one of the books that McFarlane wrote. This was during the Great Drepression and he was paid as little as $85 per manuscript.He also wrote the first four volumes of The Dana Girls series under the pseudonym Carolyn Keene, They were used for the Nancy Drew series of books. In 1974 he wrote a book titled  ‘A Kid in Haileybury.’ Read more about McFarlane and here


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Temiskaming Shores, Haileybury, Ontario


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