Cheesemakers in the Perth, Lanark County, once created the World’s Largest Cheese – 22,000 lbs!

Lanark Cheese

Photo by Karen Rennie of Matheson House Museum, Perth, Lanark County

Perth, Lanark County – They say that Perth is big on cheese – it has earned the right to that reputation! To help promote Canadian cheese-making internationally, twelve Larnark County cheesemakers contributed a day’s worth of milk each to help make the ‘World’s Largest Cheese’ for the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair. The finished product cost weighted 22,000 lbs and stood six feet tall. It was made from the equivalent of one day’s milk from 10,000 cows! It was shipped to Chicago by rail and brought out crowds at each stop. It’s said as the train pulled out of Perth the local band played ‘The Maple af Forever.’ 5,000 turned out to see it pass through north Toronto. It was done for publicity and that worked, especially after it crashed through the floor of the exhibition space it was first placed on. International press picked up the story.

A full scale reconstruction of the original Mammoth Cheese is now a monument at the Tay Basin in Downtown Heritage Perth. This cheese record has now been surpassed – a massively chubby cheddar was made in Granby, Quebec in 1995 that weighed in at 57,508 pounds (about 26 tonnes!)

Here’s the Seven Wonders of Lanark County Driving Tour.


Basin Street, Perth, ON K7H 1H8, Canada


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