Killarney’s 50,000 acres of wilderness is protected because of passionate artists

Killarney © Lucy Izon

Killarney © Lucy Izon

Killarney, Ontario – Four of Canada’s famed ‘Group of Seven’ (Jackson, Harris, Carmichael and Casson) would travel to this stunning wilderness region to paint in the early 20th century. It was A.Y. Jackson who ran into some surveyors from the Spanish Lumber Company, and became so concerned that his Trout Lake might be ruined, so he rallied
support through contacts at the Ontario Society of Artists and got the area around it protected. Today, Killarney, which is just 100 km southwest of Sudbury, is considered a jewel of the Ontario Provincial Park system. One lake, known for its crystal clear water and quartite mountains, has been named O.S.A. for the Ontario Society of Artists.

The popular Killarney Provincial Park, with its small lakes, white quartz mountains, and birch and pine forests, is on the north shore of Georgian Bay, just over an hour’s drive southwest of Sudbury.

Killarney Village has outfitters and accommodation. There’s a story that story that Al Capone and friends would stay at the  historic, rustic Killarney Mountain Lodge while on fishing trips in the area. Painting and photograpy workshops have been offered in the park, via Killarney Mountain Lodge.


O.S.A. Lake, O.S.A. Lake Killarney Manitoulin District


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