Want to be in an epic snowball fight? Jasper, Alberta hosts annual Canadian Rockies Snow Battle called Yukigassen

Jasper Snow Battle

© Photo courtesy Tourism Jasper

Jasper, Alberta – Jasper hosts an annual Yukigassen tournament (that’s Japanese for ‘Snow Battle’) in the Canadian Rockies on.   The first Yukigassen tournament was held in Japan in the late 80s. By 2004 the sport grew to 190 registered teams, and events drew 28,000 spectators. Yukigassen tournaments are now held in Japan, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Holland, Australia, USA, and Canada. Here’s how it’s played: Two teams of seven play on a 40-meter long snow court and attempt to capture the opposing team’s flag or eliminate their team members by hitting them with snowballs. The catch? Each team has only nine minutes split into three matches to accomplish their goal. 180 snowballs fly through the air, per period.  The Canadian Rockies Snow Battle is part of Jasper’s winter festival (January.) The event does require teams, volunteers and referees. Photos courtesy Tourism Jasper

To register a team visit: CanadianRockiesSnowBattle.ca. You can follow Yukigassen Canada on Twitter at @YukiCanada.

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500 Bonhomme Street, Jasper National Park, Jasper, AB T0E 1E0, Canada


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