Every year Evansburg Alberta elects an official ‘Town Grouch’

Evansburg Town Grouch Certificate

@ Lucy Izon

Evansburg, Alberta – Evansburg, originally a coal mining town, has a population of 603 people, 29 dogs, 41 cats, and one Town Grouch. The first “Grouch” contest was held by the Royal Canadian Legion in 1979, in conjunction with the Village’s 25th anniversary. It’s now an annual event, a part of the Pembina Valley Family Daze festival. The winner is licensed to pester, harass, antagonize, criticize, complain and grumble without fear of reprisal for the whole next year. You can have lunch in the local diner. Let’s just hope you don’t get a waitress who’s in training. Where: As you drive east from Jasper along Hwy 16 (the Yellowhead Hwy and often referred to as the northern branch of the Trans-Canada Hwy) about 100 km before you reach Edmonton you’ll notice a sign for the community and its Grouch on the right side of the road. The village borders Pembina River Provincial Park, which has swimming, fishing, canoeing, hiking, picnicking and camping. There is also a nine-hole golf course in the area. In the News: The Town Grouch is chosen during Pembina Valley Daz, which takes place during the second weekend in August.

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50 Avenue, Evansburg, AB T0E 0T0, Canada


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