Here’s where it all started for the ‘Mac’ – the birthplace of the original McIntosh Apple was Dundela Ontario

© Lucy Izon

© Lucy Izon

Dundela, Iroquois, Ontario – The Apple Macintosh logo, one of the most recognizable symbols in the world, has its roots in a chance discovery on small farm in Dundela, Ontario in 1811. While clearing his land near Prescott, John McIntosh stumbled across several apple seedlings, which he transplanted. One flourished and produced what we know today as the McIntosh Red Apple – or the simply, the ‘Mac’ (Apple changed the spelling for its computer systems). John’s son Allen reproduced the tree through grafting and spread it throughout the region. Although damaged by a fire, the original tree produced fruit until 1906. The more than 300,000 McIntosh apple trees now growing in North America, and all the others in the world, are descendants of this single tree.

Two monuments commemorating John McIntosh and his apple now stand in Dundela. At the nearby Smyth’s Apple Orchard, which has 30,000 trees, visitors can taste a ‘Mac’ grown in its birthplace.


11517-11549 County Road 18, Iroquois, Ontario K0E 1K0, Canada (Dundela)


One thought on “Here’s where it all started for the ‘Mac’ – the birthplace of the original McIntosh Apple was Dundela Ontario

  1. You are very confused. The address of the McIntoshApple is 11551.
    The property is on the corner Heritage Road,beside the old store. Your marking is off, you mark where the old cementary of Dundela stands.
    Why do I know it, I m the owner of the old McIntosh property, which I bought
    30 years ago and has lots of apples, some pears, lots of plumtrees and lots
    of raspberries(I pick up 100 liter plus every year. And there are also some
    40 black Walnut trees on the property. My name is Gerd Skof, Please correct the wrong address.

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