Eerie rock formations called Hoo Doos can be easily visited near Drumheller


Hoo Doos © Lucy Izon

Drumheller, Alberta- The eerie formations known as Hoo Doos (or Hoodoos) are found in North American badlands, formed by wind and water erosion of sedimentary rocks. Looking like petrified mushrooms, they have a protective rock cap which shelters their shaft, deterring them from disintegrating at the same speed as the surrounding sandstone. In the Drumheller area you can follow a special 25 km (15-mile) Hoodoo Drive Trail to where you can visit them along highway 10, 18 km southeast of town . You can get information at the tourist office under the 90-foot Tyrannosaurus Rex (world’s largest dinosaur statue) in the centre of town.  Drumheller is 1.5 hours north east of Calgary.


Drumheller, Alberta, Canada


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