Chicago, X-Men, Blues Brothers 2000, Cinderella Man are among the many major feature films that have used Toronto’s Distillery District as a location

Chicago production photo courtesy of Distillery District

Chicago production
photo courtesy of Distillery District

Toronto, Ontario – Known as ‘Hollywood North’, Toronto is the
third largest TV and film production centre in North America.
Chicago, X-Men, Hairspray, Cinderella Man, Total Recall, The Incredible Hulk, Good Will Hunting, Blues Brothers 2000, The Hurricane, Police Academy, The Skulls and Cocktail, are just some of the many major feature films that have been produced in the city.

More than 1,300 television, movie and commercial projects are filmed in Toronto each year. In 2013 it was announced that for the third consecutive year the value of production in the city has exceed $1 billion.

One of the  busiest location sites is The Distillery Historic District, originally the Gooderham & Worts Distillery. With 40 buildings spread over 13 acres, this was once the largest distillery in the British Empire. It ceased operation in 1990 after 135 years, and since then has served a location for more than 800 films and TV shows. This is also a great place for the public to visit. Many of the buildings in this ‘pedestrian-only’ complex have been converted to galleries, restaurants, and even a micro brewery.

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The Distillery District, Toronto, Ontario


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