More than 140 Toronto office towers are cooled by Deep Lake Cooling – using frigid Lake Ontario water

Toronto Towers

Toronto TD Towers @ Lucy Izon

Toronto, Ontario – What keeps Canada Cool? Office towers in downtown Toronto are chilled by frigid water from the floor of Lake Ontario. At 4°C, winter water sinks from the lake’s surface and sits on the lake bottom, because of its high density. Three pipes stretch 5 km out and 83 metres deep into the lake, and draw the icy water to a downtown pumping station, which uses only the coldness but not the actual water to provide a renewable, sustainable alternative to conventional air-conditioning.

This innovative deep lake cooling system is now used in over 140 downtown office buildings, including the TD Centre, Royal Bank Plaza, Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Air Canada Centre and Steam Whistle Brewery. Eventually the cooling system using Lake Ontario water will reach all the way to Queens Park.


The PATH – Toronto Dominion Centre, Toronto, Ontario, Canada


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