Charlevoix is the first place in the world where Tomato Wine is being produced and commercialized

Tomato Wine

Omerto – Tomato Wine

Charlevoix, Quebec – Charlevoix is a wonderful region of rolling hills, charming villages and lovely landscapes that have inspired many a poet and artist. The area, which has been designated a World Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, is set inside massive 40-mile-wide crater created by a meteorite impact that occurred 350 million years ago.

Charlevoix has also earned a reputation as the best gastronomic destination in Québec. It’s here that Pascale Miche of Belgium immigrated, and began to produce and commercialize the world’s first aperitif tomato wine from a family recipe for a a tomato-based liqueur. A recipe that had been kept secret for four generations.

The white wine is created from a blend of heritage tomatoes that are grown on his farm in the Baie St-Paul.area. About 34,000 bottles of Omerto are produced annually.




328 Rang Saint Antoine Nord, Baie-Saint-Paul, Charlevoix. Quebec


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