No Kidding, Calgary has an annual ahhhh… Testicle Festival

Calgary Testicle Festival at Buzzard's Cowboy Cousine © Lucy Izon

Biscuits, Balls and Gravy at Buzzard’s Cowboy Cuisine  © Lucy Izon

Calgary, Alberta – Buzzard’s Cowboy Cuisine is a Calgary restaurant, infamous as the location of the annual Testicle Festival. It has a rustic cowboy decor and a regular menu that features steaks, chicken and fish, but for several weeks every summer it also serves up an unusual cowboy dish, prairie oysters (calves’ testicles). They are served many ways, in a pasta sauce, etc. Whether this is cool or not is a matter of personal taste. You can always just go for the festival’s t-shirt, which has a different slogan every year. Past editions have ranged from ‘Having a Ball’ to ‘Going Nuts’.  The restaurant is located just behind the Fairmont Palliser Hotel at 140 10th Avenue SW in downtown Calgary. The Testicle Festival stretches for several weeks in the summer, and includes the 10 days of the Calgary Stampede.


140 10 Ave SW Beltline, Calgary, Alberta


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