The world’s first long distance phone call was made from the Bell Homestead near Brantford

Bell Equipment © Lucy Izon

Bell Equipment © Lucy Izon

Brantford, Ontario -The next Canada Cool ‘hot spot’ is the Bell Homestead, which overlooks the Grand River, 5 km south of Brantford, an hour’s drive from Toronto. Brantford’s famous citizens have included hockey great Wayne Gretzky, comedian Phil Hartman, and telephone inventor Alexander Graham Bell. Bell worked on his famous invention at his family’s home here at 94 Tutela Heights Rd, and he made the world’s first long-distance phone call from this location on August 10, 1876. There were actually three successful tests; from the Homestead to the general store in Mount Pleasant just south of Brantford, from Brantford to the Bell Homestead, and from a shop in the village of Paris to the Homestead. Bell’s invention changed the world.

Brantford, just 93 km (58 miles) southwest of Toronto, boasts its own symphony orchestra, opera guild, and even an annual international jazz festival. There are eleven local museums, aboriginal tours, and it has a thriving community of artisans. The jewel of downtown Brantford is the beautify restored Sanderson Centre for the Performing Arts. Productions range from childrenʼs theatrical performances, comedies and dramas, to musical celebrities and orchestras.For outdoors lovers the Grand River, a designated heritage river, offers canoeing, kayaking, rafting and fishing. For cyclists and hikers, local trails connect to the Trans Canada Trail.


Bell Homestead National Historic Site, 94 Tutela Heights Brantford Ontario


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