The Bay of Fundy is the mating ground of the very rare right whale – New Brunswick / Nova Scotia

Bay of Fundy WhaleBay of Fundy, New Brunswick – Not only does the Bay of Fundy, which reaches up between New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, have the highest tides in the world, it’s an important mating ground for the rare right whale.

There only about 400 right whales left in the world today, in three groups: the North Atlantic right whales, North Pacific right whales, and Southern right whales. The average  Adult North Atlantic right whale is  17 m long and weights 60-70 metric tonnes. Each summer more than 100 are sighted in Bay of Fundy (source

Look for a whale that doesn’t have a dorsal, and has bumpy white patches on its head. Originally their oil and baleen plates made them so valuable they were considered the ‘right’ whale to hunt – hence the name and their ‘at risk’ status. They come to this region to mate, and have been protected since 1937.

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Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada


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