At Annapolis Nova Scotia the highest tides in the world are harnessed to generate enough power for 4,500 homes

Annapolis Tidal StationAnnapolis Royal, Nova Scotia – Thanks to the massive movement of water created the tides of the Bay of Fundy, the Annapolis Tidal Generating Station creates enough electricity to power 4,500 homes. This is the only Tidal Power Generating Station in North America (the two others are in France and Russia). You can drop in to learn more – 35,000 people visit annually. The first floor has visitor information and the second floor features interpretative information. Then, there’s a third possibility – to go ‘down under’. Up to eight visitors at a time (in hard hats and safety glasses) descend five stories by elevator into the power plant for a 25-minute tour. Because it’s a working plant, this can only be done during the hours when it is not generating. It’s open mid-May until mid-October. Photo courtesy of Nova Scotia Power. Annapolis Royal and Port Royal form the oldest continuous European settlement north of St. Augustine, Florida. The historic town is located on the south side of the Annapolis River, about 10 km upriver, near the western shore of Nova Scotia. This was the first capital of the Colony of Nova Scotia and it features one of the highest concentrations of heritage buildings in Canada.

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